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Effect of White Rot Fungi to Enzimatic Activity and Lignin on Fermentation Process of Cocoa Pod

By Ristianto Utomo, Zaenal Bachruddin

Publication • Updated 14 minutes ago

Kualitas Sosis Daging Sapi yang Difortifikasi dengan Minyak Ikan KOD dan Minyak Jagung dan Diproses Menggunakan Metode Pemasakan yang Berbeda (Quality of Beef Sausages Fortified with COD and Corn Oil and Processed with Different Cooking Methods)

By Supadmo, Setiyono, Edi Suryanto, Rusman

Publication • Updated 2 hours ago

Pengaruh Fortifikasi Nanopartikel Kalsium Laktat Kerabang Telur terhadap Sifat Kimia dan Fisik Bakso Ayam (The Effect of Eggshell Lactic Calcium Nanoparticle Fortification on Chemical and Physical Properties of Chicken Meatballs)

By Edi Suryanto, Rusman

Publication • Updated 2 hours ago

Kualitas Nutrisi Ampas Kelapa (Cocos nucifera L.) Fermentasi Menggunakan Aspergillus niger (Nutritional Quality of Fermented Coconut Dregs using Aspergillus niger)

By Ristianto Utomo, Lies Mira Yusiati, Heri Kurniawan

Publication • Updated 3 hours ago

Manufacture and properties of citric acid-bonded particleboard made from bamboo materials

By Tibertius Agus Prayitno, Ragil Widyorini, Ali Awaludin

Publication • Updated 6 hours ago

Effects of SEMA3 polymorphisms in Hirschsprung disease patients.

By Gunadi, dr. Rochadi, Sp.B, Sp.BA, dr. Ahmad Mahmudi,Sp.B,Sp.BA

Publication • Updated 6 hours ago

Detection of Epstein-Barr and Human Papilloma Viruses in the Middle Ear Squamous Cell Carcinoma

By Agus Surono, Dr.dr. Bambang Hariwiyanto,Sp.THT, dr. Edhie Samodra,Sp.THT

Publication • Updated one day ago

Investigations of selected pathogens among village pigs in Central Papua, Indonesia

By Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia

Publication • Updated one day ago

The path to impact of operational research on tuberculosis control policies and practices in Indonesia.

By Yodi Mahendradhata

Publication • Updated one day ago

Study of glucose adsorption on synthetic humin

By Agus Kuncaka, Roto

Publication • Updated one day ago